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Deadpool 2 Has Its New Director [UPDATED: Or Maybe Not Yet]

Illustration for article titled iDeadpool 2 /iHas Its New Director [UPDATED: Or Maybe Not Yet]

UPDATED 1.30PM EST: It looks like this isn’t as certain as to who’ll take on Deadpool 2 as we thought. Deadline now reports that while David Leitch is in the running, no decision has been made yet on a director—the shortlist includes The Martian’s Drew Goddard, TV director Magnus Martens, and more. The original story follows.


When Deadpool director Tim Miller parted ways with the sequel to the hit R-rated superhero movie just this past weekend, it took most folks by surprise. Now Fox has already found the person to fill the open position: John Wick director David Leitch.


Variety reports that Fox was already talking to Leitch to head up a movie adaptation of X-Force. When Miller exited Deadpool 2, Leitch got the nod to join the upcoming Wade Wilson sequel. Aside from John Wick, Leitch’s background is heavy on action, including stints as a stunt co-ordinator on Tron: Legacy and Speed Racer.

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Kazuhira (master) Miller

Miller is out because he wanted to focus too much on the action spectacle, so he’s been replaced by this guy who’s all about slick action scenes.