Your choice is simple, according to one new movie's tagline: "Shut up or die." Pontypool, from cult director Bruce McDonald (Roadkill), is about a radio DJ that discovers the English language has picked up a virus that is ripping the city inside out with madness. Eventually the madness turns everyone into "conversationalists," as McDonald puts it. How can you tell if your speech is infected? McDonald explains:

"There are three stages to this to this virus. The first stage is you might begin to repeat a word. Something gets stuck. And usually it's words that are terms of endearment like sweetheart or honey. The second stage is your language becomes scrambled and you can't express yourself properly. The third stage you become so distraught at your condition that the only way out of the situation you feel, as an infected person, is to try and chew your way through the mouth of another person."


McDonald went on to describe the infected as extremely chatty deranged people. The movie is based on the Tony Burgess' novel Pontypool Changes Everything and will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Maple Pictures will handle all Canadian distribution. [Shock Till You Drop and Movie Web]

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