What, did your high school not have switchblades?
What, did your high school not have switchblades?
Image: Syfy
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The ‘80s were a turbulent time. The Drug War, the Cold War, the plague of teen assassins roaming the land. That sounds about right, yeah? Right?


That’s the world of Deadly Class, anyway, the upcoming Syfy television show based on the 2014 graphic novel by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. And now, thanks to a recently released trailer—thank you, New York Comic Con—we now have a release date for the ultraviolent spectacle. The show will premiere January 16, 2019 on Syfy, at 10/9c.

This trailer is a delight, too, riffing on Reaganism to both set the stage for the show and create a nice, nasty tone. This might be one to look forward to, y’all.

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