Dead Zone Producers Team With King For Haven

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Warehouse 13 may have met its quirky match; Syfy has given the go-ahead to the first season of Haven, a new show from the people behind The Dead Zone, adapting a Stephen King story about a town full of curses.


The show is based on ideas from King's Hard Case Crime novella The Colorado Kid, and comes from the team of Scott Shepherd, Lloyd Segan and Shawn Piller, all of whom had previously worked on the six year run of another King adaptation, The Dead Zone. Unsurprisingly for a King project, Haven happens to be a spooky town in Maine, where nothing is as it seems. In this case, that means people with curses that are killing them, something that FBI agent Audrey Parker is determined to get to the bottom of. Although this sounds like it has the potential to be a supernatural version of Eureka, Syfy are currently calling this a thriller, and Original Content VP Mark Stern is excited about its potential:

'Haven' is the quintessential Stephen King town, full of complex, yet identifiable, characters and compelling supernatural situations... Sam [Ernst] and Jim [Dunn, both Dead Zone - and, oddly enough, Shrek The Third - alumni] wrote a great pilot.


Expect to see Haven in the new year.

Syfy picks up thriller 'Haven' [Variety]

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Isn't Haven the town from The Tommyknockers? I could have sworn it was...