Dead Snow's Nazi Zombie Clips Will Rip Out Your Pigtails

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Let the Nazi zombie attacks begin! The first clips from Norwegian film Dead Snow (Dod Sno) have finally surfaced from Sundance. So far this flick is delivering all the horror goods: sex, zombies and Nazis.


Dead Snow follows a group of students on a snow trip. Everything is going smoothly until a hiker shows up at their cabin door telling them stories about how this snowy mountain side was a occupied by the Nazis in World War II. The townspeople eventually revolted against their horrible oppressors and drove Cololnel Herzog (above) and his minions into the high mountains. Supposedly they froze to death. But many years later, when the youngins show up with their sexin' and drinkin' ,it brings the remaining Nazis back to life. Seriously, that has to be one hell of some serious partying these kids were up to.

Here are two clips from the movie.

Zombie Nazi's hate pigtails
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Gettin' Busy Where The Business Is Done:
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crashedpc /sarcasm

Whoo, I haven't heard about Dead Snow in a while. Question: are Nazi zombies very picky as to what brains they consume?