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Neil Marshall's Descent 2 promises screen time for his original cast of adventurous women - even though most of them are dead. Empire Magazine reports that all of the original's spelunking women will return, in flashbacks or other scenes. And there's a new, spoiler-filled synopsis of Marshall's scary cave-exploring sequel - which will make almost no sense to anyone who saw the original.


The new Descent sequel takes place right where the original left off: main character Sarah escapes the caves and makes her way to civilization where she is hospitalized. The local police convince her to show them where the cave is so they can search for survivors and the cave people, and of course things go wrong. Here's to Juno joining up with the cave gang, blinding herself with a pick, and leading her crew of albino cave people on a vengeance campaign against Sarah.

Empire Magazine spoke with MyAnna Buring (Sam) from the original Descent and she verified the cast's reunion.

"We're all back, all the girls have made an appearance" we were told by Buring. "I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you this, but we'll all appear in flashbacks. We had that video camera in the first film, remember, so [it's footage from that]. It was last week that we all rocked up on set in Ealing Studios and they'd mocked up these sets that looked like where we'd shot in the first I went back to being Sam for a day".


While I'm ridiculously excited for the return of the ceiling crawling, raw-flesh-eating cave people, this idea is tragically flawed on two important counts. First, the original UK release of The Descent seemed to imply that Sarah was trapped in the caves forever and had gone completely insane, but the re-cut American ending had Sarah escaping, only to be accosted by the ghost of Juno. So if were going with the original ending, there's no way our main character could have gotten out off that ledge. And if we're following the American version, well then we have to deal with ghosts, to which I say no thanks. Second, it would be a cold day in hell before you ever got a survivor of that whole cave mess back underground and into the same cave they came from. Who cares if one of her buddies is stuck down there? I thought that was her intent to let the cheating, backstabbing frenemy die a slow and painful death in the dark? So nuts to the idea that Sarah would go back for Juno's sake. Plus it kind of ruins the whole character of Sarah because who wasn't standing up in their seat cheering when Sarah took a pick axe to Juno's knee leaving her wounded and behind. It completely negates my love for this character, especially if she's dumb enough to go back underground.


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