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Dead girls take over a woman's house in this creepy webcomic fairytale

Illustration for article titled Dead girls take over a womans house in this creepy webcomic fairytale

If you're looking for a sad and chilling story to read this Halloween, Emily Carroll's webcomic story Out of Skin delivers a fantastically terrible dose of body horror. A woman comes across a pit filled with dead girls who refuse to stay hidden beneath the ground.


If you haven't read them before, I highly recommend reading some of Carroll's other short comics, especially His Face All Red, a creepy tale that uses its online canvas to particularly unnerving effect. Out of Skin is a much more mournful piece of horror, but one that is, nonetheless, truly horrifying.

Out of Skin [Emily Carroll via MetaFilter]

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Just as long as there's no screamers in here. I know you, Halloween news, and I know how you like to be assholishly repetitive on that sort of thing.