Technically, the real news is that Sean Astin and Tom Arnold (of, “He’s still working?” fame) are starring in Dead Ant. But the fun news is literally everything else about this movie.

Dead Ant is the story of a down on their luck hair metal band who has to fight a pack of giant ants while on their way to Coachella. They could have stopped at “down on their luck hair metal band,” I would have been happy. One getting attacked instead of making to Coachella? This movie is manna from heaven.


“But wait,” I hear you asking. “Is there also an appearance from the son of formerly-famous-actor-turned-punchline? Perhaps one who has been on Celebrity Apprentice?” Yes, of course there is. JAKE BUSEY, everyone!

Busey is in the band, Astin is a roadie, and Arnold is the band’s manager. This is going to be hilarious. On purpose, even!

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Photo credit: Ant by Samantha Henneke/flickr/CC BY 2.0

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