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We already knew that DC’s new office comedy Powerless, about regular people who must endure sharing the world with the superpowered, would have at least one obscure hero in its midst: Crimson Fox. And it seems the deep cuts won’t end there, because now that we know nth-tier villain Jack O’Lantern will appear as well.


Here’s a video clip with Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, and Alan Tudyk on an NBC red carpet discussing the comics characters who’ll be in the first episode, amid fits of giggles.

Jack O’ Lantern is an ex-Global Guardians member turned Justice League Europe villain, armed with an Irish brogue and a magic lantern. The real question is whether his capacity for evil will exceed Tudyk’s insurance company boss-man— a “Lex Luthor-type who’s terrible at his job.”


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