DC's Nation Is Full Of Batfans Asking Questions

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The loose, last panel of Thursday's SDCC showed that the subject on the majority of DC fans' minds seems to be Batman, and just whether he's going to stay RIP once the current storyline ends in December. Also, what's going on with the Legion of Super-Heroes? And which Flash are we going to see in 2009, anyway?


After an introduction to the twelve guest-strong panel made the announcement confirming the longtime rumor of a Flash: Rebirth series (by the Green Lantern: Rebirth creative team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver), Johns said that his favorite Flash was "all of them," and added that "If you guys like what we did with Green Lantern, hopefully you'll check out what we do with Flash... Just trust us. We're gonna try and take Flash and turn it into another epic like Green Lantern. It's all about who all of these Flashes are."

Starting an all-new rumor, Ambush Bug creator Keith Giffen asked the audience, " If you were to hear that Paul Levitz and I were returning to the Legion, what would you think? Just asking." Apparently, assembled fandom would like that idea, if the cheers and applause in the room was anything to go by. Does this mean that the favorite 1980s creative team is going to return to the title post-reality-warping Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, or are fanstrings being plucked just to toy with the faithful?

Talking of strings being plucked, DC Executive Editor Dan Didio responded to a question about whether October's DCU: Decisions series, where the DC superheroes will endorse political parties, is expected to cause controversy and upset, by saying that "it's not the book you think it is. It's a book to inspire thought, change and ideas." Good to know that DC has mastered the art of political non-speak in advance of its release, at least.

Otherwise, everyone wanted to know what's happening with Batman: Suggesting that the "RIP" in Batman RIP may stand for "Replacement Is Possible," Didio caused very vocal upset from the room when he said "Okay, hypothetically speaking, what if Bruce Wayne was gone?" Another disappearance causing worry is Catwoman's, following the recent cancellation of her own series, but Didio told fans not to worry, as she'll become a regular cast member in Paul Dini's Detective Comics and wasn't really going anywhere:"She's very important to RIP and what happens post RIP," he added. Also due to make an appearance soon is Batwoman, as Greg Rucka - accompanied by a real-life Batwoman on stage - came the closest anyone has to officially confirming the existence of the Batwoman series he and JH Williams are working on, telling a fan "Magic iPod says, ask again in three or four weeks."

If you're waiting on news of Batman's health at home, however, you have far less time to wait; tomorrow's 2:15 Batman panel about the comics future for Gotham's protector is subtitled "No Rest For The Dark Knight." Sorry, Bruce.



LOL is Batman going to get lost in space or something? Nitewing takes over the roll as Batman while he's gone and doinks all the ladies in Gotham +Supergirl (you can trust me, I'M BATMAN), while Tim is throughing underground raves in the batcave.