DC's Cyborg Comic Is Being Resurrected by One of Its Original Creators

Image: DC Comics. Cyborg #21 cover art by Sam Lotfi.
Image: DC Comics. Cyborg #21 cover art by Sam Lotfi.

A few weeks ago, Cyborg’s latest self-titled series at DC Comics came to an end with Cyborg #20. But apparently, it was only a temporary respite for the cybernetic superhero. Not only is the series making a return, it’s doing so under the auspices of the legendary Marv Wolfman, who helped create Cyborg alongside George Perez in the ‘80s.


Newsarama has confirmed that the series will get a 21st issue this April, penned by Wolfman—who’s been on a roll revisiting the New Teen Titans team he formed alongside Perez nearly four decades ago, with both the Raven: Daughter of Darkness miniseries’ debut and a guest appearance writing Teen Titans #16 due out this week—with art from Sam Lotfi.

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io9 reached out to DC Comics and confirmed further that Cyborg will indeed continue on as an ongoing monthly series, with Wolfman writing, kicking off with a new arc in Cyborg #21. Here’s the solicit detail for the issue:

In the DC Universe, Cyborg is the most technical advanced being on the planet—or so we thought. Introducing Mother Box 2.0: Robo-Dojo! Unlike Cyborg, these robots are piloted by the government’s best, brightest, and most loyal soldiers. Super Heroes just got a major upgrade produced, developed and financed by S.T.A.R. Labs.

It’s a bit weird for DC to resurrect the series’ ongoing numbering after it came to an end rather than start a new title, but there you have it: Cyborg will return for a good while yet, starting with Cyborg #21 on April 4.

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