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DC's Comic Book Heroes Are Getting the Young Adult Novel Treatment

Illustration for article titled DCs Comic Book Heroes Are Getting the Young Adult Novel Treatment

Lest there be a single type of entertainment which didn’t have a superhero option, DC has teamed up with Random House to create a series of young adult novels.


The first book is scheduled to be Wonder Woman, due in August of next year, and written by Leigh Bardug, the writer of The Grisha Trilogy and Six Crows. They’ve also slated Batman by Marie Lu (The Young Elites), Superman by Matt de la Peña (The Living), and Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas (The Thrones of Glass series).

Catwoman is an interesting choice, since any book from her perspective isn’t going to be unambiguously heroic. That, combined with the authors they’ve hired, makes this whole thing sound pretty cool. You know, except for the part where superheroes are literally everywhere now.


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Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Hope if they give Wondy a love triangle, in YA fashion, she has to choose between Steve Trevor and Etta Candy.