DC Universe Online: The best superhero movie you'll never see

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A new CG trailer for Sony's DC Universe Online game features what might be the best superhero battle ever committed to the screen. Seriously, it's so good, it'll make you weep for what doesn't exist...yet.

That's as epic a battle between dudes with capes as I've ever seen. Wonder Woman, especially, comes off like the hero no one's willing to make a feature film about. Makes you wonder why videogame cinematics can achieve a level of pure drama and sheer cool that movies rarely approach. Like this Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer that's better than anything that came from the Star Wars film camp in the last 20 years:

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Great trailer, yes. My one comment is the opening narration sets Luthor up as leading a resistance against heroes gone bad, yet then it shows him as the bad guy. Then it shows Superman as an ultraviolent guy who apparently crossed some moral line, but he's still the hero.

I mean, cool trailer, loved it, but it just seemed a little inconsistent.

Also, loved the voices...except for Lex. Just sounded wrong.