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Twist? Tornado? Spinning? Never mind. Peaky Blinders and Salem star Iddo Goldberg has been cast as the superheroic android in the utterly fabulous-looking new Supergirl TV series, but not quite as DC fans will recognize him.


First of all, it appears he’s going to be—or at least start out as— a villain, according to Second of all, Goldberg has also been cast as the awesomely named Dr. T.O. Morrow, the scientist who creates the Red Tornado in the DC comic-verse.

So will Morrow create the Red Tornado in his own image? That would be both egotistical and creepy. I’m guessing it’s far more likely that Morrow will be conducting an experiment that goes awry, which sends his consciousness into the all-red, tornado-generating robot he was working on. I also bet the first time Supergirl fights him, she reminds the man-turned-android a little bit about what it means to be human, and in his next appearance he’s a hero. Maybe she’ll just give him a copy of this photo...


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