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iZombie was a wonderful and canceled-too-soon comic from Vertigo, about a secret zombie named Gwen who has to eat brains to keep from becoming a mindless monster, but gets their memories, and ends up having to solve their murders. And The CW has just ordered a pilot.


If you'll recall, the show is being championed by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, which means an excellent TV showrunner is bringing an excellent comic to the screen. I have high hopes it'll be excellent, even though the plot is somewhat different from Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's original series — in the comic, Gwen is a gravedigger who pals around with a ghost from the '60s and a were-Terrier, while in the show she's a medical student in the coroner's office who solves murders with the help of her boss and a police detective. One may be a were-Terrier, but I sincerely doubt the other is a ghost of a woman who died in the '60s.

As long as the show keeps the comics' wackiness — I know it sounds like Being Human, but the comic also featured a sexy mummy, a monkey possessed by the were-Terrier's grumpy grandfather, and a light Cthulhu-ian invasion — I'm in. Oh, who am I kidding? It's iZombie and Rob Thomas. I'll be watching even they cast Megan Fox as Gwen.


[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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