DC Saves Its Best For Last On Sunday Morning

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Saving the biggest news of the convention until the last few hours, DC Comics' second DC Nation panel confirmed the rumors that Neil Gaiman is going to be taking on the Dark Knight following Batman RIP.


Dan Didio hinted at another announcement earlier in the panel by accident, saying "Okay, so we got Battle For The Cowl - Oh shit! Cut that," before moving into a Q&A session where the new writer of Booster Gold was announced (creator Dan Jurgens is taking over writing as well as art), we were promised new focus on Aquaman, and given hints about the identities of future zombie supervillains in Geoff Johns' The Blackest Night (Will we see zombie Jor-El or zombie Earth-2 Superman? "Anyone dead is eligible," said Johns - Except for Garth Ennis' Hitman).

The announcement itself came in the form of a thirty-second video at the end of the panel, which showed a Bat-Signal shining on a coffin while the words "Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?" appeared on screen. The story - written by Gaiman and drawn by Andy Kubert - will begin in January next year, but no details were given on where it will appear or in what form. But it's beginning to look a lot more like Batman's definitely going to disappear at the end of RIP, if not die outright...

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Hah at the Hitman mention. You damn right you better leave Tommy alone if you know whats goods for yas, Johns!