DC Reportedly Trying to Get a Supergirl TV Series on the Air

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DC is apparently committed to dominating comics on the small screen, with Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash joining Arrow this fall. And now the rumor mill is adding a new name: Supergirl.


According to Bleeding Cool, DC is actively shopping around Supergirl, with Michael Green (producer on Gotham, American Gods, Smallville, and Heroes) attached to write and producer the series. Green also worked on the New 52 reboot of Supergirl with Mike Johnson. So he's got credentials all over the place for this kind of project.

If this is true — and Bleeding Cool's only got an unnamed "comics/Hollywood" source for it, so who knows — it might be for the best. Honestly, based on Arrow and the pilots we saw at Comic Con, DC's recent television ventures are solid at worst and great at best. Plus, it's a smart move on DC's part to get a female-led something out there as quickly as possible. Color me, as usual, cautiously optimistic.


[Bleeding Cool]

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Son of Spam

You have to think that DC is a sleeping giant in Marvel's eyes. DC has a far more recognizable, iconic and marketable stable of characters and if they get their act together, it'll be scary for them to go on a hot streak.

Marvel has to push fringe heroes as leads and studio franchises (GotG, AntMan, Dr Strange etc), albeit quite successfully, and yet DC has yet to throw in their big guns with their own franchises (WW, Flash, GL — the other GL and many more).

Plus, the messy Sony/Marvel studio sharing deal is a wrench in the whole thing.

Hence, sleeping giant.