DC readies The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman movies

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It's about time DC dusted off some of its second-tier superheroes for big-budget movies. The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman might finally get their movie debuts. It's about time.


WB's chairman and CEO Barry Meyer spoke to Time Warner's investors today. According to THR, he spilled the beans on a few upcoming projects. It's no real surprise that Sherlock Holmes is getting a sequel, but we were shocked to hear Meyer say that The Flash is close to being greenlit. We never thought that film would get off the ground (and technically it still isn't), but this is definitely a good sign.

But that's not all — Meyer also commented that Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Mad Magazine movies were presently in development.


We really want to DC make more comic-book movies, but before they start readying a hastily-made Justice League movie arc, everyone needs to hear Tony Stark's song about continuity. Please do take a listen.

No doubt we will be hearing much, much more about these projects this July at Comic-Con — but until then, sing it again, Tony.

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I really hope they follow the DCAU/ Morrison's JLA take on Aquaman as an underwater Conan The Barbarian badass.