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While Green Arrow has never made much effort to hide his particular brand of liberalism - including running for (and winning) the role of Mayor of Star City - the same can't be said of other superheroes. Is Batman really the hardline republican that we all suspect him of being? What kind of "American Way" does Superman stand for, anyway? Those questions, as well as many others that you didn't even know anyone wanted to ask, will be answered this year in DC Universe: Decisions, a new series from DC Comics due this fall.


Even though I thought I was joking when I said that the tease "Superman Red or Superman Blue" was about Clark Kent's political affiliation, it turns out that I was 100% right, according to DC's Executive Editor, Dan DiDio:

We're entering a very interesting election year this year, and what I think is important about it is that it's that there's this excitement - a sense of "building"...there's change in the air in regards to the whole political process that's at play in the United States. What we want to do is tap into that emotion, and tell a story that plays in the DC Universe with our characters, while using the political backdrop we're seeing now to help to define our characters better... For the first time, we'll be having our characters make true political stands in regards to their leanings, as well as what motivates them to be heroes, and what they believe is necessary for their world and their country to move in the direction they believe to be the right one.


That's right, people - Now you can finally discover that Robin the Boy Wonder thinks that Barack Obama is an all right guy. Or, well, maybe not:

This is not about the actual candidates. Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and John McCain do not appear in this comic [laughs]. These are candidates that represent particular political beliefs, and it's more about why the heroes are motivated or respond to particular candidates themselves, or the platforms of particular candidates.

Interestingly enough, the four-part series will be written by two writers: the left-leaning Judd Winick and the more rightwing Bill Willingham, allowing for both ends of the political spectrum to be wildly mischaracterized equally.

The biweekly series launches in September.

Dan DiDio on DCU: Decisions


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