DC Kids Camp Wants to Inspire Young Readers to Become Creators

Ty Phan discovering that he’s been chosen to become a Green Lantern.
Ty Phan discovering that he’s been chosen to become a Green Lantern.
Image: Andie Tong (DC Comics)

With more and more schools across the world mandating that students of all ages stay home amid the ongoing covid-19 epidemic, many parents are finding themselves having to find activities to occupy their children’s time. With that in mind, DC Comics has just launched DC Kids Camp, a series of fun courses to inspire them to create things while at home.


Beginning today, DC Kids’ social channels on Twitter and Instagram will begin pumping out interactive videos featuring a number of the publisher’s middle-grade creators, like Minh Lê (Green Lantern: Legacy), Gene Luen Yang (Superman Smashes the Klan), Brittney Williams (Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge), and Kirk Scroggs (The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid), all focused on teaching kids new creative skills.

Each video will guide viewers through a different artistic process like making Green Lantern power rings, folding Superman origami, and creating one’s own superhero.

In addition to the creator-driven videos, DC Kids Camp will also provide readers with access to previews of upcoming DC content, coloring pages, and activity sheets. As the comics industry itself is forced to grapple with the economic impact caused by the outbreak, things like this are an excellent way of keeping a connection to the public alive—and potentially inspiring the next generation of creators to pursue the arts in some capacity.

New DC Kids Camp videos are set to be released between Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m. PST.


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io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.


Superman Smashes The Klan was great. Not only did we have Roberta Lee, a young Chinese girl, find her voice, AND fight Klansmen, we had a strong reminder that, yes, Superman is an immigrant. And an illegal immigrant at that.

But let us not forget how inherently cool Roberta is:

And, yes, that red-headed lad is Roberta’s partner-in-hijinks, Jimmy Olsen.