DC Is Planning a Sitcom That's "The Office with Superheroes"

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At this point the announcement of yet another comic-based TV series is barely news at all, but this one is a little different: DC and NBC are working on a pilot for Powerless, a proposed sitcom set in the DC universe that’s being pitched as “The Office, but with superheroes.”

All we know so far is that it’s a half-hour comedy set at an insurance office, and rather than featuring big-name heroes like Superman and Batman, it’ll focus on ordinary people living in a superhero world.

The “insurance agency dealing with superheroes” concept recalls comics like Marvel’s Damage Control (where the workplace was a construction/cleanup crew) and the recent runs of She-Hulk (where it was a law office), and it seems like a good fit for the sitcom format. On the other hand, bad superhero comedies tend to be really bad. (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, anyone?) Either way, Batman V Superman should leave enough debris to keep every insurance company in the DC universe busy.


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I have no idea how this is going to work if they actually set it within the DC universe. Like, it wouldn’t be the movie-verse, because no way are they touching that cash cow; and it’s not the Arrow-verse, because that’s on the CW. So it would be a completely different DC universe with completely different superheroes.

I mean, if so, why not just set it in some random homage universe? Why set it in the DC universe at all? Just so they can say, “Oh hey, Superman was punched through a building and they have superheroes insurance, gotta pay up.” Just, I know, replace “Superman” with “Overman” and that’s that.

Plus, that would make it ripe for satire.