DC gets ready for Superman Vs. He-Man, round 2

If, like me, you were wondering why DC had recently given the blond barbarian a "New 52"-ish redesign, wonder no longer — it turns He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are coming to the DC universe in a crossover reminiscent of Supes and He-Man's first battle in the '80s. The six-issue miniseries begins in August.


Three things: 1) Lest you think that Superman will immediately kick He-Man's ass, I remind you that Superman's greatest weakness after kryptonite is magic, and He-Man is basically magic. 2) Apparently the plot is that Skeletor comes to New 52-niverse Earth and hatches a plan to steal Earth's core magic; if somehow this results in Skeletor meeting John Constantine, it will be the greatest fucking comic of all time no matter what. 3) That said, it would still be better if He-Man didn't look like a generic superhero from an indie comic publisher in the '90s. Bonus thing: Green Lantern is about to hand Stratos his ass.

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