DC Fandome Returns Next Weekend for More Digital Convention Goodness

Wonder Woman in her armor.
Wonder Woman in her armor.
Image: Warner Bros.

With in-person cons off the table for the foreseeable future, a number of companies have been experimenting with making something like a convention via streaming. DC Fandome, to date, has been the only particularly successful one, effectively emulating the full experience for better or worse.

Yesterday, DC released a trailer for next week’s second iteration/half of the digital convention, DC Fandome: Explore the Multiverse, which seems to be dedicated to all the stuff that got missed last time amid talk of goth-y Battinson and Wonder Woman 1984. After all, there’s a lot of DC these days, between comics and HBO Max (RIP DC Universe) and everything the CW is throwing out.

Fandome, this time, is set to include over 100 hours of content, from over 300 panels and other videos over programming sets that include fan-focused panels, major news announcements, the Blerd & Boujee programming track celebrating Black nerd culture, and more. It certainly sounds like a convention, and a solid one, at that.


DC Fandome: Explore the Multiverse is next Saturday, September 12th, and we’ll be there. By which I mean, we’ll be at our computers.

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I was deeply unimpressed with the visual production. Terrible CGI settings and the whole thing seemed very thrown together. The WW stuff looked good because they actually made sure to send out matching backdrops. Meanwhile every other panel lacked any kind of cohesive look. Also I hated the selected stream of nonsense from twitter. It would have been more fun to have chat rooms to discuss stuff with other fans.

My life is basically already a dreary parade of zoom calls already between work and distant friends. Watching them for entertainment is a step too far.