DC Does Its Best To Make Latest Lobo Revival Rock

DC Comics is resurrecting one-time popular intergalactic biker/bounty hunter Lobo with a writer sure to appeal to the character's core audience: Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Is this the latest example of headline-hunting stunt casting or a moment of editorial genius?

Ian confirmed the news in a recent interview, telling the Quietus that he found Lobo a perfect fit for his talents:

[If I wasn't making music] I think I'd be writing comic books for a living, full-time. I have a bit of that going on already with the comic book character Lobo. I find it much easier to write comic-books than lyrics actually because it's a natural dialogue. Writing song lyrics is not natural but over the years I know what I need to know to get it done. I find it quite easy to capture a character and use my own personality and humor.


Ian's involvement with the series - to be illustrated by The Maxx's Sam Kieth - was teased in an interview with DC executive editor Dan Didio last week, when he said that the (then-unnamed writer) was

outside the normal circle of writers and... will have an excellent perspective on the character – something different that's sure to raise an eyebrow.

The two-part Lobo: Highway To Hell will launch in November, but don't be surprised if Ian shows up at San Diego Comic-Con at the end of the month to talk more about what's coming up.


Amongst The Thrashing: Scott Ian Of Anthrax Interviewed [The Quietus]

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