DC Comics Will Revive TV's Revolution For One Final Story

Oh, Revolution. We lamented its squandered potential after its abrupt demise last year — but it looks like there might be some small chance of the series delivering what little intriguing premise it had left. DC are teaming up with the show's creative team for a new digital comic series to wrap up the story!


The four part digital series — which aim to bring the plotlines left unresolved in the show's final episode to a close — will be written by the show's David Reed and Ryan Parrott, from a story created by the entire writing staff, with art by Angel Hernandez. Each part is being released on a bi-weekly basis beginning on May 4th, first debuting on Comicbook.com before appearing on Revolution's Facebook page a week later.

It's interesting to see the show get some closure, even if it is a year later! Considering what Revolution was hinting towards in its finale though, maybe it's not the greatest news that it's coming back for a little while.

But hey, take solace, former Revolution fans — at least there'll be a more permanent end for the series this time around.


[Via Deadline]

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