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DC Comics' New Black Canary EP is a Haunting, Moody Love Letter to Dinah Lance

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

70 years ago, Dinah Lance made her debut in DC’s Flash Comics #86 as the Black Canary, a badass femme fatale who infiltrated organized crime syndicates to destroy them from the inside out. In celebration of Dinah’s legacy, DC’s just dropped a new, three-song EP tied to the character’s more modern self.


In Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu’s Black Canary series from 2015, Black Canary’s still every bit the dangerous leather-clad vigilante she always was, but in addition to her hero work, she’s also an indie rocker. The series, which you should definitely read, is the kind of reimagining of a classic character that strikes a perfect balance between reverence for Dinah’s past and an understanding of what kind of person she’d be in the 21st century.

Following the success of the first EP of songs meant to represent the kind of music that Black Canary puts out in DC’s comics, the publisher’s just dropped a stellar followup:


Speaking with Comicbook, music producer and songwriter Joseph Donovan explained how the newer Black Canary series was always meant to have both visual and audio components and that he wanted to infuse Black Canary’s music with sounds that “otherworldly.”

Said Donovan:

“A lot of the music that we reference and are influenced by in Black Canary is produced in such a way as to transcend the everyday experience; It’s bigger, smokier and more magical than the ordinary world. And so things aren’t necessarily supposed to sound real or organic or even inviting. But it is unquestionably pop music.”

Though Black Canary ended a while back, DC’s releasing a new set of songs tied to the series is an absolutely brilliant move that continues to build out the book’s world for readers new and old. You can check out the full EP for yourself over at Black Canary’s Bandcamp page.

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Harrison Grey

The first arc of the series was excellent, the second arc... not quite so much. But I honestly think the first Black Canary EP is the best thing to come out of this solo comic, so a second is an extremely welcome addition. Great way to celebrate 70 years of my favorite superhero.