Exclusive photos of the only person in existence yet to own a copy of Watchmen in some form.

Recently, DC began making a huge move that pushed Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s legendary series Watchmen into the wider DC comics canon. And now they are a part of that canon, DC would very much like you to pay a silly amount of money for new, premium versions of Watchmen again.


I’m not saying that they shouldn’t try, or that people shouldn’t want a new print of Watchmen—people get into reading comics all the time, and easy access to one of the most important and influential superhero comics in history is absolutely a good thing. But this new Watchmen Collector’s Edition Box Set shows that DC are going about it in the weirdest way possible.

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This new set, out in November, gathers each individual issue of Watchmen, 12 in total... but then keeps them separate as individual hardback issues. I can’t even remember the last time I read Watchmen as separate issues rather than collected in a single tome. But beyond that, who the hell needs a hardback version of a single issue?

That’s weird enough, but this swanky new box set is also $125. You can get the hardcover deluxe version of Watchmen for $30 on Amazon right now—a much easier form of reading the series than having each issue as its own hardcover book. The out-of-print Absolute Edition, containing a bunch of extra material this new set seemingly doesn’t have, is going for just over $50. (And the paperback collection of Watchmen? Going for $12.) Who the hell wants to pay $125 for 12 individually hardcovered comic books?


DC hopes they’re out there, somewhere. While they’re at it they hope they’ll also pick up the incoming black-and-white version, Watchmen Noir (itself $40), too. What’s next? I imagine Watchmen 3D will be available for purchase by 2019.

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