DC Comics Is Holding Back Your Superhero Movies

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DC Comics has put the breaks on all Warner Bros.' up and coming comic movie projects, according to super writer David Goyer.


Dark Knight and The Flash writer David Goyer spilled the beans to IESB that Warner Brothers is putting the brakes on the many comic book movies they decided to stack up, one after another. These times are tough, not just for you and me but for big wig studio execs too.

“A lot of the DC movies at Warner Bros. are all on hold...They’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause on at the moment.”

Goyer is especially hard hit by the decision, since his scripts for The Flash, the Green Arrow Super Max prison movie and a Dark Knight sequel will all most likely get pushed back.

Hearing about Hollywood showing restraint is not only deeply disturbing but troubling. How long will these projects be pushed back? Does this mean movies will get the proper time they need, and Jon Favreau can finally get the time he's been begging for on Iron Man 2? Does this also mean that people will start taking their time with big superhero action films, Chris Nolan style, and make something we can all be proud of? Goodness I hope so. It's good to see the studios acknowledging the gold mine they're sitting on.



Who has the $100-200 Mill required for a typical Superhero movie to loan out these days?

The recent drop off in consumer spending world wide pretty much shocked the shit out of a lot of folks. Plus the banks and other financial institutions are being really stingy with their cash as there is more bad news to come (Credit cards, retail bankruptcies and commercial real estate for sure.)

Plus all the major studios have loads of debt they need to pay off from all the M&A they did over the past three decades.

We will probably be seeing more lower cost SF "character" pieces (Children of Men for example) rather than the Blam BOOM SFX loaded blockbusters.