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Want to relive the Sunday comics of your youth but with better writing and art? DC Comics' newly-announced weekly Wednesday Comics will give you that chances... and also introduce you to some amazing creators.


Rumored for some time and finally confirmed yesterday, Wednesday Comics will be an experimental twelve-issue weekly series from America's oldest comic book publisher; dumping the now-traditional 22-page (with ads) comic book format in favor of an oversized (14" x 20") format filled with sixteen different one-page strips created by some of DC's top talent, like Paul Pope, Watchmen's Dave Gibbons, and Neil Gaiman. The characters you can expect to see in the series are a similar mix of big name (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) and the excitingly obscure (and, for that matter, science fictional: alien space-hero Adam Strange, teen-trapped-in-future-dystopia Kamandi and elemental robots-gone-wild the Metal Men, to name but three). Even better, this series isn't going to be the start of another company-wide crossover requiring you to buy seventy other books, according to DC executive editor Dan DiDio:

All the creators are working to make sure that these stories are being created from the standpoint that the readers is someone who has never seen or read anything with the character before, [a]nd really capture both the essence of the character as well as the magic of comics... The concept is that we are trying to recapture the spirit, format, and sense of enjoyment that people had from reading the Sunday comics that arrive in newspapers every week.


So, let me get this straight: Good creators, making stand-alone stories about good characters in a format that'll allow for experimentation in the form that hasn't been seen since the days of Little Nemo In Slumberland? DC may just have made a significant grab for the comic win of the year.

Wednesday Comics launches this summer.

(Image not from Wednesday Comics, but Kamandi by Paul Pope from his Flickr stream.)

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