DC Comic’s Hardest Rocking Superhero Is Putting Out an Actual Album

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If you’ve not been following along with Annie Wu and Brenden Fletcher’s excellent Black Canary comic, you might have missed that Dinah Lance is balancing life as a superhero with also being a kick-ass rock star. Now, Black Canary will release an EP that you can actually listen to.


Okay, so Black Canary and her self-titled band haven’t really put an album out—they are, after all, fictional characters, and it would be quite disconcerting if my comics started singing at me. But to celebrate the release of the first volume of Black Canary today, DC has launched a trio of songs from Brenden Fletcher, Caveboy vocalist Michelle Bensimon, and Joseph Donovan, masquerading as a release from Dinah and Black Canary.


Available to stream from Bandcamp (or purchasable for $3.50), the simply titled EP1 features two original songs written by Fletcher, “Fish out of Water” and “Old World”, while the third, “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes”, is a cover of a 1981 song from English post-punk band Bauhaus. Give it a listen, it’s pretty good—I’m quite fond of “Fish out of Water” myself—and a brilliant, original way to celebrate the comic’s fresh twist on Black Canary.


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Sounds promising, but I bet they’re no Night Cat.

NIGHT CAT! *hrrrraoowww!!!*