Having partnered up and taken on the Star Wars universe, what's next for the combined might of DC and Marvel's many movie superheroes? Throwing down with some giant freaking robots, obviously.


This 5-minute video — I'm not really sure it can be called a trailer, really — pits everyone from Superman, Batman, the Avengers, Arrow, Green Lantern, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Autobots and more against the Decepticons. It's probably not the most technically advanced mash-up you've ever seen, but it's a lot of fun, especially when it just devolves into a series of hero vs. robot fight scenes (the Batman/grappling gun shot in particular is pretty awesome). Fun fact: Despite containing footage from over a dozen disparate movies, this video is still significantly more coherent than any of Michael Bay's actual Transformers films.

[Via Comic Book Resources]