After a frighteningly terrible bit of marketing, the latest X-Men movie has stepped up their game and released a fantastic photo series that paints the entire alternate history and future for our mutant friends (including Baby Colossus!). Check out this gorgeous X-Men photo timeline!

This collection of photos (and below video) were released on the new viral marketing website 25 Moments. It tells the whole story of the Mutants right from where we left off on X-Men: First Class. Sadly as time moves forward, things start to get worse and worse for our X-buddies. And a lot of them die. So be warned there are some spoilers ahead.

A shot from the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Magneto is implicated in the JFK assassination.

Xavier at his school for gifted mutant tykes.

Trask hard at work in his lab.

Trask and Nixon.

Quicksilver breaks a bunch or world records, makes normies hate him.

This guy Bob Bell starts an anti-mutant religious campaign.

Baby Colossus! EDIT: Yes, yes, yes we know THIS IS NOT CANON. However, we will give them this marketing change (that we highly doubt has anything at all to do with the movie and was created because someone thought it looked cool) if they deliver a good film. Also lest we forget the terrible photoshop horrors of X-Men: First Class marketing. Also the viral site claims that Chernobyl accelerated mutations in infants.

Mad Cow Disease was accidentally invented by the mutant cure-all vaccine.

Guantanamo Bay is now a Mutant Detention Center.

Mutants help repair the Golden Gate bridge, which you'ill remember was destroyed in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Border patrol keeping mutants out.

A Mutant Inhibitor Collar. Yikes. This is allegedly Kitty Pryde in Camp X-Ray.

Trask Industries takes over Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants.

Occupy Wall Street (eye roll — we get it, you're timely, X-Men movie) joins forces with the X-Men to march on old Xavier mansion. The peaceful protest ends in bloodshed when the Sentinels kill Angel.

Blink photographed saving a bunch of mutant children from Trask Prison camps.

The New Sentinel (Mark X).

Bad News for Beast, according to this website: "Hank McCoy is dragged from his home and murdered by an angry mob of Human Majority protesters outside his home in upstate New York." Yikes.

Bishop starts the "Free Mutants" Resistance. The site also claims that Bishop is a Camp X-Ray escapee.