Day One Now A "Kick-Ass" Mini-Series, Says Creator

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NBC have cut Jesse Alexander's new series Day One from a 13 hour-long episode season to a four-hour mini-series. A bad sign, or the best decision for the show? According to Alexander, it's the latter, and he told us why.


The announcement was made by the network yesterday afternoon, with insiders acknowledging that the move is likely, in part, a way to save money, but also suggesting that the decision to restructure was also made to give the show a more dramatic launchpad, with the possibility that Day One could then spin out into a regular series afterwards, a la Battlestar Galactica's launch on Syfy. We asked Alexander for his take on the decision, and he told us,

I worked very closely with NBC on this decision. We decided a more targeted, shock and awe approach was the best way to expose a great Day One story to a massive audience. Airing four hours over two nights is much more exciting to me than rolling out just one hour per week... I didn't want to suffer the same fate as many first year shows and be moved to another time slot mid story, or worse, not be able to air the final episodes. This way, the fans get a kick ass story, and the show gets the best chance to succeed.


The first two hours of Day One have already been shot; Alexander is reworking the next two to bring plots to a climax, as well as create potential spin-offs for a follow-on season.

NBC opts to air 'Day One' as miniseries [Variety]

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The mini-series route is really the only way to go. This way, you can air just a few episodes that no one will watch because they won't advertise it and you already have a built-in reason to end the show. Genius! It's NBC's new preemptive-strike Kings-based initiative. Also, it'll leave the rest of the schedule during the week available for all that delicious Jay Leno comedy. It's comedy at 10:00 people!