Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Score Is Entirely Made Of Ape Puns

Michael Giacchino did a wonderful thing when naming all the tracks on his Dawn of the Planet of the Apes score. The whole thing is just one pun after the next, including our personal favorites "Gibbon Take" and "Enough Monkeying Around." Check it out.


Thanks to Nerdacy, we now have the full listing for Giacchino's Dawn soundtrack, voila:

1. Level Plaguing Field
2. Look Who's Stalking
3. The Great Ape Processional
4. Past Their Primates
5. Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
6. Monkey to the City
7. The Lost City of Chimpanzee
8. Along Simian Lines
9. Caesar No Evil, Hear No Evil
10. Monkey See, Monkey Coup
11. Gorilla Warfare
12. The Apes of Wrath
13. Gibbon Take
14. Aped Crusaders
15. How Bonobo Can You Go
16. Enough Monkeying Around
17. Primates for Life
18. Planet of the End Credits
19. Ain't That a Stinger


And that is just the best. This only gets us more excited for his future work on Jurassic World. Think of the dino puns!

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This seems to be at least a default for Giacchino. He did the same thing for each season of Lost and I think he did some of that for at least the first of Abrams' ST movies.

I really like Giacchino's music. I'm not always fond of the titles. But maybe that helps him take himself a little less seriously?