In a new interview, outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies finally kills those movie rumors once and for all (Or does he?) and also talks about spoilers from the show getting released ahead of time. Should we be worried?

Talking to ShortList, Davies says that "there's not enough money" for the much-rumored Who movie, and adds that he "feel[s] like I've made 60 movies already," when asked about the possibility of one of his future projects being a big-screen turn for the Time Lord (In another interview, he denies working on an American version of the show, which I didn't even know was a rumor). It's possible that he'll just be too busy looking for guilty former Who staffers to think about a movie, of course; asked about leaks from the production keeping British tabloids (and sites like us) busy as the show gained popularity, he said,

When I was inside the programme it really p*ssed me off but now I'm outside it and seeing stuff that they're filming [for the next series] appear in the papers it excites me and doesn't put me off watching it in the slightest... [But] I don't want to go to my deathbed without finding out who leaked stuff. They will be found.


Confidential memo to those who leaked: Thank you. Now run and hide.

The Russell T Davies Interview [Shortlist]

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