Davies Isn't Entirely Leaving The Whoverse

Russell T Davies may be leaving Doctor Who, but he's staying on with kid-friendly spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Why? Because it's an "amazing" addition to one of the most vital areas of television, apparently.

Talking about the BBC's decision to renew the Who spinoff for another year, Davies said

In an age of shrinking budgets and an ever-changing television landscape, children's TV is right at the front line, and personally I think it's one of the most vital areas to protect and nourish. So this commission is wonderful... We're all determined to repay Children's BBC by delivering an amazing show.


One of the things to expect from the amazing show - besides "old monsters [and] new monsters" - is something Davies calls "a series finale that's already got me excited, before a single word is written!" That finale is likely to be written (or co-written) by Davies himself, who's still firmly in place as the show's executive producer:

[Everyone on the show will] have to cope with my beady eye as well, the poor souls - I might be leaving Doctor Who, but not Sarah Jane!

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