David Tennant's Doctor Who Teams Up With Classic Companions in a New Audio Drama

The Doctor’s getting help from some old friends.
The Doctor’s getting help from some old friends.
Image: BBC

If there’s one thing the Doctor’s good at, it’s traveling back in time. David Tennant is back in a new trilogy of Doctor Who audio adventures from Big Finish, which see the return of Sophie Aldred, Louise Jameson, and several other classic Doctor Who stars as pieces of the Doctor’s past.

In an emailed press release, Big Finish announced its latest audio drama series, Doctor Who—Tenth Doctor, Classic Companions. Recorded during the novel coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the new three-part series sees the return of Tennant as the Tenth Doctor as he seeks out “the best friends of his previous selves”—long after each of them had exited the TARDIS, seemingly for good.


It may have been years since each of the companions accompanied (a different form of) the beloved Doctor, but it seems that each of them need his help once again. The companions include Jameson as Leela, the warrior companion of the Fourth Doctor; Aldred as the Seventh Doctor’s companion Ace; Sarah Nutton as Nyssa, a companion for the Fourth and Fifth Doctors; and John Leeson once again voicing the robotic pup K9. Big Finish shared a peek at some of the actors recording remotely, because “the times we’re living in.”

From left: Louise Jameson, David Tennant, and Sophie Aldred recording remotely.
From left: Louise Jameson, David Tennant, and Sophie Aldred recording remotely.
Image: Big Finish

“It’s been one of the great unexpected delights of being locked in one’s house for months on end, that this was something I was able to do. To be not only doing all these wonderful stories but to be appearing alongside people like Louise Jameson, John Leeson, Sarah Sutton and Sophie Aldred, it’s been just such a treat. I’ve loved it. It’s always such a lovely thing to return to this show,” Tennant said in a statement.

Here are the synopses for each of the episodes:

  • Splinter by John Dorney—The Doctor finds K9 floating in space, and sets off to clear up Time War fallout. First, they find Leela protecting a village from the Spriggan.
  • The Stuntman by Lizzie Hopley—The Doctor and K9 enter a virtual world of a movie stuntman to help Nyssa escape a Time War criminal’s scheme.
  • Quantum of Axos by Roy Gill—Ace investigates a new tech company which seems too good to be true, and meets the Doctor and K9 as Axos escapes its trap.

Doctor Who—Tenth Doctor, Classic Companions is available to pre-order and should be coming out sometime in 2022. Meanwhile, the Jodie Whittaker-starring Doctor Who returns with a new holiday special on New Year’s Day.


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Gosh, I just want to mix and match so many companions and Doctors... pair that failed twerp Adam with Five, see if he cuts the mustard... put Bill on the same team as Nyssa and Tegan and remind them of how ridiculous they’re being beating around the bush... put Eight with Amy so he’s beaten into being happy... Leela with Eleven would just be... a hoot... eff with Sarah Jane’s heart by putting her with Thirteen... oh, the possibilities are ENDLESS!