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Sarah Jane's getting married, at least until the Tenth Doctor pops in. Brian Bendis talks integrating supernatural Thor with the other Avengers films. And startling revelations (and a possibly hookup) on Dollhouse. Plus, V, New Moon, Lost, Paul, and Caprica.


Thor and The Avengers

Jon Favreau might have wondered how the supernatural aspects of Thor would blend with the more scifi bits of the other Avengers movies, but Brian Bendis isn't worried:

"My advice is, has been, and will be, that much like the comics, you look at movies like the 'Oceans' movies that have all these different flavors, you put the flavors together and you cook 'em," Bendis told MTV News. "It absolutely can be done."


Like Joe Quesada, Bendis has read the Captain America script, in addition to the Thor and Iron Man 2 scripts. And he's pleased, saying they go somewhere better and different from where the comics have gone. [MTV]


To research their film about an alien and a pair of friends who tour America's famous UFO sites, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did their own UFO tour, starting in LA and ending in Colorado. Although most of the dialogue for the alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been recorded, it's going to end up being tweaked and re-recorded. Why? The pair were pushed to make an R-rated film, and now Rogen's dialogue needs to be raunchier. Jason Bateman's character — an agent chasing the group — is named Lorenzo Zoil, a goof on the drama Lorenzo's Oil. [SCI FI Wire]

New Moon

Jacob and Edward face down in the new TV Spot:



The crew was filming near a school in Hawaii yesterday. Fast fingered tweeters nabbed photos of Matthew Fox and described the scene: Jack drives down the street in his old Jeep, and runs into a school called Saint Mary's Academy (is this the same as Central Intermediate School from the other day, or a different school?) in quite a hurry. [Dark UFO]


[gallery 5388236]

Despite rumors to the contrary, Harold Perrineau did not turn down an offer to appear in the final season. In fact, he was never asked. He has no idea if he'll be back, but says he'd jump at the chance to return and say his goodbyes. [E! Online]



We've known for a while that this week's episode "Belonging" focuses on Sierra's backstory, and it will be a real nightmare; we'll learn that she's a missing and exploited woman. Plus, Adele gets to unleash her moral fury on Sierra's abuser, telling him, "You're a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer." But Adele and Topher will face some moral quandaries of their own.


We've seen lots of pictures of Alexis Denisof's Senator Daniel Perrin hanging out with Echo in next week's the next episode The Public Eye, and we'll actually see them in bed together. They don't actually have sex, but Echo will be in a lace bra and panties during the scene in question. Also, there's a moment that reminded the pre-reviewers at E! of the BSG episode where we find out Boomer's a Cylon. So is Daniel a doll? It would explain the Dollhouse-type pajamas we saw him wearing a while back. In fact, the episode will be full of sleeper agents, twists and turns, moral relativism, and role reversal.

Summer Glau's character Bennett will have a surprising connection to another character on the show, and Miracle Laurie will be back as Madeline, formerly November, to break Paul's heart. [E! Online]


In the ominously titled tenth episode "The Attic" (written by none other than Dr. Horrible's Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen), we'll encounter Clyde, a genius who "holds the secrets to the Dollhouse." The episode will also feature Matsu, a proper businessman. [Spoiler TV]


Sebastian Roche is replacing Thomas Kretschmann as the head of the hybrid supersoldiers from the other dimension. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Ryan Robbins, who played Charlie Connor in Battlestar Galactica is about to start shooting on an episode of Caprica. He'll play a character named Diego who is very important to Clarice's storyline. [Battlestar Blog]


And here's a closer look at Athena Academy, where Zoe and other members of the Caprican elite go to school. [SCI FI Wire]


The Wall Street Journal has a great interview with Morena Baccarin. She talks a bit about the politics of V, saying she watched a lot of political debates when modeling her alien diplomat. She also mentions that, in the pilot, we see an alien sleeper cell, and humans will get the sense that the people in their communities may not be whom they see.


Will Baccarin eat a guinea pig like Diana did in the original series? She says she hasn't eaten anything odd yet in any of the episodes she's filmed, but the producer did ask if she had any issue with rodents. [WSJ]

In the second episode, "There Is No Normal Anymore," Erica and Father Jack have decided they're anti-Visitor, and soon find they're being tracked by a V Seeker. Chad thinks he blew it with his exclusive first interview with Anna, and looks to be more investigative in his next newscast. Dale Maddox has gone missing, and both his wife and law enforcement start questioning Erica about his whereabouts. [Spoiler TV]


Also, Scott Wolf is way smiley in the episode's promo photos. [Spoiler TV]


It looks like we're back in the Burnt Toast Diner in "Once Upon a Time in Texas." [The ODI]


The title of the twelfth episode is "Upon This Rock." [Spoiler TV]


There have been a few small changes to the episode schedule. The two-part "Society" will be the season's eleventh and twelfth episodes, and "Persuasion" will be episode 13. [Spoiler TV]


The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Mona Lisa comes to violent life in Mona Lisa's Revenge, airing November 12th and 13th. The gang goes on a school field trip that quickly turns disastrous as art comes to life. The kids find themselves trapped without Sarah jane's help when Mona Lisa vows to release her terrifying brother from his prison. But Clyde has the key and everything will depend on him. [Blogtor Who]


And David Tennant returns! Here are images of the Tenth Doctor in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. [Blogtor Who]

Additional Reporting by Alexis Brown and Charlie Jane Anders.


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