David Slade and Darren Aronofsky fight for the honor of directing Wolverine 2

Two incredible names are getting passed around for the director's chair on X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. Horror mastermind David Slade and weird auteur Darren Aronofsky. Honestly, either one would be a great choice.

Deadline is reporting that director Robert Schwentke, who was originally in the running for director along with David Slade, is out. And Aronofsky is in. We'd love to see Aronofsky direct a comic book film. He might even be able to salvage the Wolverine series after the cartoon-clawed FX that dominated the last Wolverine film.


According to rumor, Slade is the studio favorite. But Hugh Jackman, who has a lot of pull, has good ties with Aronofsky after filming The Fountain. Still right now, Slade has the numbers with his stellar box office performance on New Moon.

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