David S. Goyer tells us about the Walking Dead episode he's directing

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David S. Goyer isn't just shooting a new season of Da Vinci's Demons and (probably) planning the future of Superman on the big screen — he's also taking time out to direct an episode of The Walking Dead this upcoming season. And he told us that this will be a particularly nasty outing for our bedraggled crew.


Minor spoilers ahead...

We caught up with Goyer at last night's DC Entertainment party, and he told us:

I'm doing a Walking Dead this year — the penultimate episode [of the season]. I haven't gotten my script yet... I heard it's an episode where something really bad happens.


He also mentioned that they offered him his choice of episodes, and he opted for the second-to-last episode of the season, because he feels like those are usually the best and most interesting outings, where a lot of stuff happens.

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Erik Sofge

For real, though: Why?

Anyone who thinks he's an asset, as a director, has a tumor in his or her brain the size of Blade Trinity.