David Lynch Wanted David Bowie to Star in the New Twin Peaks

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

The late David Bowie had a memorable cameo in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me as FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries—a man whose bizarre journey between dimensions foreshadows the one undertaken by Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper. Apparently director/creator David Lynch had plans for Jeffries to return for the new show until Bowie’s death in January.

This tidbit comes via a Dallas Morning News interview with Dallas-based actor Harry Goaz—not a household name, but instantly recognizable to Twin Peaks fans as the klutzy, emotionally-sensitive Deputy Andy Brennan:

Goaz says David Bowie, who had a small role in the 1992 film spinoff Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was set to return to make a cameo, but it didn’t happen before the musician’s death this year.


Unfortunately, the article reveals zero intel about what to expect from Twin Peaks, coming to Showtime next year. Even Goaz admits he has no idea what the story will be.

“We only received our lines the morning of shooting,” he says about filming on location in Seattle and Los Angeles. “We didn’t even receive lines for our entire scenes, only our sides.” Once finished, the actor handed off his script to a personal assistant who — accompanied by a witness — fed the pages straight into a shredder.

Goaz does report that while his character hasn’t moved up the ranks at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Andy does have his own office now—and has gotten that uncontrollable-crying thing under control. But no word on who will be playing the crucial role of Twin Peaks Sheriff, since Michael Ontkean—who is retired from show biz—declined to reprise his role as the memorably-named Harry S. Truman. Will it be Robert Forster, who was Lynch’s first choice for the role back in 1989—and, after appearing in the director’s Mulholland Drive, appeared among the new names on the Twin Peaks cast list? If Goaz knows, he ain’t telling.

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