Illustration for article titled David Lynch Toys With Our Hearts, Hints At A emTwin Peaks/em Revival

Today, David Lynch tweeted a very vague hint to the internet masses that Twin Peaks may be returning. *Clutches chest, falls to the ground.*


Twin Peaks creator David Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost both tweeted this sentence, thus hinting at the return of the chilling, creepy and absolutely bananas series Twin Peaks:


I'm not sure my heart is prepared to jump through the emotional hoops that is reporting on a possible Twin Peaks revival or reboot. A few months back, Twin Peaks actor Ray Wise told Fangoria that he had reprised his role as Leland Palmer for something Twin Peaks-related. But he would not say what. On top of all that, rumors of a revival have been circulating for months, and now this! It's too much and too little all at the same time.

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