David Hasselhoff's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Disco Ballad Has a Music Video, and It's Glorious

Guardians of the Galaxy has become known for its penchant for licensed music, but Vol 2 featured one original song: “Inferno,” an ostentatious disco ballad ostensibly performed by David Hasselhoff and The Sneepers. Now, there’s a music video. It’s just the best.


Directed by David Yarovesky, the groovy video was released today to promote the home release of the film on August 22. The video features the Hoff himself, alongside cameos from most of the starring Guardians crew and director James Gunn himself.

It’s colorful, it’s absurd, David Hasselhoff is there. It’s everything you could want. Check it below.


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Julie Muncy

I wonder if David Hasslehoff just owns some of these outfits.