David Harbour Tackles Some of the Internet's Most Involved Stranger Things Fan Theories

The Hawkins boys, reading your fan theories.
The Hawkins boys, reading your fan theories.
Image: Netflix

The tour of the good cop continues, as David Harbour continues his press engagement around the new season of Stranger Things with a great video running down some popular fan theories about the show.

Stranger Things season 3 might not debut until next summer, but fan theories, like cheesy ads, are forever. In this video by Vanity Fear, David Harbour (Jim Hopper) reads and responds to a variety of theories from the immortal annals of Reddit threads.

Theories run the gamut from time travel, to crackpot biology, to psychic echoes and cosmic horror. Harbour’s a really good sport here, engaging with the theories pretty thoughtfully. He may not be a writer on the show, but that’s even more fun, actually. He doesn’t know the answers, so he’s free to play along.


This video also is evidence of one thing: Reddit usernames are hard to pronounce. Such things were never meant to be read aloud.

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A Lantern of Hope

The “demogorgons were humans” theory had me until they started talking about natural disasters and evolution. I think it’s way more likely that the demogorgons were originally humans; until the Mind Flayer invaded the Upside Down, ruined it and transformed them into their current state through torture and mutilation; sort of like Morgoth and the Elves/Orcs.