David Goyer's alien armageddon book series gets a movie deal

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The Dark Knight co-writer David S. Goyer just landed a movie deal for his still yet-to-be-published book trilogy about aliens careening towards the Earth, called Heaven's Shadow.


According to Deadline. Goyer is writing the novel, which will be in stores in the summer of 2011, with Michael Cassutt:

The trilogy begins when an object is discovered heading for earth. Initial panic gives way to a competition between governments to be first to intercept what they believe is a breakaway meteor. What the astronauts discover leads to an encounter with alien forces that are a threat to humanity.


But Heaven's Shadow is just the first of three books that Warner Brothers bought the rights to. The other two, Heaven's War and Heaven's Fall, will be released summer 2012. Just as long as the film's not another Heaven's Gate.

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"The Dark Knight co-writer David S. Goyer"... Hollywood... Maybe you should read the book first...