In an interview with the French website TVMag, David Duchovny revealed that a script for a third X-Files movie is being penned, and that it will return to the series' conspiracy roots.

Duchovny's been talking up a third X-Files movie for a while now, and after the self-contained story of X-Files: I Want to Believe, it looks like the third film will get back to basics. And when I say "basics," I mean labyrinthine conspiracy cloak-and-dagger mumbo jumbo. Here's what Duchovny had to say (translation via X-Files News):

It is being written. One awaits just the green light from Fox, a little disappointed from the relatively poor reception of the second film. The error comes, in my opinion, that the authors strayed too far from the roots of the series. Moreover, the film was released in the summer. The third will be much closer to what the public expects, with government conspiracies, etc.


So there you have it. Details are otherwise scant, and given that "the public" is a pretty nebulous term, I'm just going to assume the movie's about what I would like to see from an X-Files movie — that is, 90 minutes of Flukeman.

[Via Comic Book Movie]