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David Cronenberg has created some of the best creepy commentaries on science and pseudoscience out there — from The Brood, about an evil psychiatrist breeding monsters inside his patients, to Scanners, about government-contracted scientists experimenting on the brains of homeless people.

With A Dangerous Method, he's turned to the real-life story of the rivalry between two of the founders of modern psychology, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. The movie looks fantastic, and allows Cronenberg to tell an amazing story of science run amok. It helps that Freud and Jung are portrayed by the ultra-snacky Viggo Mortenson and Michael Fassbender respectively. And that the focus of their rivalry is a patient played by Keira Knightley, whom Freud just wants to cure and Jung just wants to fuck.


The question Cronenberg asks here, as in many of his films, is when scientific inquiry becomes self-indulgent perversity. You'll see shades of his movie Dead Ringers in this — another Cronenberg tale about two doctors obsessed with a female patient.

Who can resist a story of science gone kinky set in the late Victorian period? I certainly can't, especially when it comes from Cronenberg.

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