David Cronenberg May Direct Ultra-Violent Time-Travel Remake

David Cronenberg (The Fly, Crash) is in talks to direct the American remake of the Sundance scifi crime movie Timecrimes, according to original director Nacho Vigalondo. Which would be amazing news for Timecrimes as Cronenberg could bring a lot grit and darkness to the American version, as long as it's not as bewildering as eXistenZ.


Besides Cronenberg, Vigalondo expressed interest in Kurt Russell or Bruce Willis for the remake's leading man (and what scifi fan could blame him?). Vigalondo also has hopes for Adam Brody as the scientist and Joan Allen for the main character's wife. Timecrimes is about a man who travels back in time and discovers that infinite possibilities lead to infinite corruption. And that's before he comes face-to-face with himself. [Blog de Cine via Shock til You Drop]

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