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This winter, Lazarus, based on The Man Who Fell to Earth, will premiere off-Broadway. It'll have new songs by David Bowie as well as new arrangements of the original songs. Sadly, though, Bowie himself will not be reprising his role as alien-inventor Thomas Jerome Newton.


Adapting the script for the stage is Irish playwright Enda Walsh, who did the same with thing with Once. Directing will be "Belgian avant garde director" Ivo van Howe, which seems just about perfect.

Even though the play's going to be using songs from the 1976 film, word is that the goal isn't to just put the movie on stage or even to adapt Walter Tevis’s 1963 novel, but will just have some of the same characters. Which doesn't explain how the original songs will be worked in but does show where the new songs'll come into play. And there was never a soundtrack released for The Man Who Fell to Earth, so maybe the musical cast will be finally able to record the songs for us to buy.


And that's all we know, as James C. Nicola, artistic director of the New York Theatre Workshop, explains that they're all just sort of trusting the artistic vision behind the play, telling The New York Times:

It’s going to be a play with characters and songs — I’m calling it music theater, but I don’t really know what it’s going to be like, I just have incredible trust in their creative vision. I’m really excited about it. These are three very different sensibilities to be colliding.

So, winter in New York something with new Bowie music will be premiering.

[via The Irish Independent]

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