David Ayer Lends His Street Cred To Alien Fighters

Why do they always send an inexperienced crew of military rejects out to face hordes of alien attackers? A science fiction movie pitch from David Ayer (of Training Day and The Fast and the Furious) has gotten picked up by New Regency, and Ayer will write and direct. The story is pretty standard fare: "a hardened captain assigned to protect an outpost on a distant planet must lead a group of young, inexperienced American soldiers in battle against an alien race." But Ayer is known for his ability to write about "the streets," as ridiculous as that often turns out, so hopefully there will be a lot of bad assery to be had along with long speeches about how so-and-so character came from nothing and had to fight their way to the top...but with aliens. [Variety]

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Really? The Fast and the Furious as good as Starship Troopers that really is an alternate reality